Help locate these sites

While we did what we could to locate the Lithuanian sites of the area, unfortunately, the information about the *exact location* of some of the sites is not available either online or in the books accessible to us. Please note that we do know the *approximate location* of many of these sites. What we need is the *exact location* that should be marked on the map.

If you know the exact location, please do the following: zoom in on it on Google maps, click on it, and then write the coordinates of that location in a comment.

Where are these sites?

This is a list of sites we have not located, although they should be added to our map. In all cases, the sites are written in “State – City/Region – Site name” fashion.

*New Jersey – Camden – Lithuanian church
*Pennsylvania – Chester – Lithuanian church

3 thoughts on “Help locate these sites”

  1. How about adding the birthplace of Adolfas Ramanauskas to your list of Lithuanian sites of interest in New Britain , Ct?
    He lived on 173 Pleasant Street in New Britain, Ct before he emigrated to Lietuva with his family.

    1. It would be interesting. Does the original building survives? Are you his relative?

      1. (After contacts by e-mail with Dave Ramanauskas and comments by another reader Tomas Dundzila I have marked the exact spot of the building at this address on the “Destination Lithuanian America” map)

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